How to Remove Blackheads from Nose safely?

How to Remove Blackheads from Nose safely?

How to Remove Blackheads from Nose safely?

Have you ever stood in front of a mirror and stared at yourself trying to figure out the ultimate solution that can help you remove those pesky and infuriating blackheads from your nose? Guess what, you’re not alone. 

While my face is rather blackhead-free despite having some large pores on my cheek, the tip of the nose always has a few blackheads that won’t budge. Our nose does have more oil glands so they tend to be more prone to the formation of blackheads.

But these tiny black dots can erupt anytime, on any part of your skin, and make you go completely insane figuring out ways to get rid of them.

But if treated in the right manner, blackheads can be easily eliminated. So, here’s all you need to know about the causes of blackheads and some safe, effective measures to remove blackheads from the nose and ensure soft, supple, and glowing skin. 

Key Causes of Blackheads

These open comedowns can be caused by several factors, some of which are:

Excessive sebum is produced by the sebaceous(oil) glands due to high androgen levels, weather, genetics etc.

  • Accumulation of dirt and oil in pores due to improper cleansing.
  • Not getting rid of dead skin cells with a regular exfoliation routine.
  • Using heavy, oil-based makeup or moisturizers if you have oily skin.
  • Not following a proper skincare routine for oil control.
  • Having enlarged pores
  • Sweating a lot due to hot weather or exercise

Difference Between Blackheads and Whiteheads

  • While both blackheads and whiteheads are comedones that are stubborn and difficult to deal with, there’s a significant difference between the two. Blackheads are open comedones whereas whiteheads are closed comedones with a thin layer of dead skin present on top of the pore. 
  • The open comedones oxidize on exposure to air and turn black, whereas the dead skin on top of closed comedones prevents whiteheads from oxidization, thus resulting in their color being white or pink. 
  • They can both turn into pimples if there is the right environment for the acne-causing C. Acnes bacteria to multiply rapidly. So preventing and treating them in time will help you get clear skin.

Here are some simple and effective tips that help get rid of blackheads on nose and face:

Step 1. Follow A Good Cleansing Routine

This seems basic but cleansing your skin properly, especially around the nose can help you get rid of dirt, oil, grime, and makeup residue that gets stuck in your pores to become blackheads.

Use a gentle cleanser made for your skin type at least twice a day, especially if you sweat a lot. And make sure to massage it for at least 30 seconds on your face before you rinse it off.

The hi9 deep pore cleanser is a choice, especially for oily skin that removes excess oil very well without drying out my skin. This is the perfect face cleanser for women.


Step 2. Use A Charcoal Face Wash Every Day

Any activated Charcoal based face wash works wonders on blackheads and acne-prone skin and is one of the simplest home remedies for blackheads.

Activated charcoal helps in absorbing excess oil, grime, and dirt from the pores making your blackheads seem less noticeable. Just make sure to apply a nice hydrating moisturizer after using a clay mask to avoid any dryness.

Try out hi9 activated charcoal face wash & see the wonder.

Step 3. Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly:

Gentle physical scrubs or even exfoliating acids can help unclog your pores by getting rid of dead skin cells. Beta hydroxy acids(BHAs) have exfoliating properties that can help get rid of blackheads on the nose. This Face Scrub for Blackheads gives you a healthy, glowing and young skin.

Try out hi9 gentle exfoliating face scrub & be noticed.

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