Hi9 Hair Care Range – A Gingerbread For Your Hair And Personality!

Hi9 Hair Care Range – A Gingerbread For Your Hair And Personality!

Hi9 Hair Care Range – A Gingerbread For Your Hair And Personality!

Hair is something that completely changes a person’s overall appearance. Rather it acts as a gingerbread on the personality. Some people are god gifted with beautiful silky smooth hair without much ado, some take care of their hair very well & rest only complaints about it. In my opinion, if you fall in first category, then you are lucky otherwise you have to work on it, instead of over-scrutinizing yourself for the same.

People have different hair textures, lengths, hair problems, genes, skin type, diets, daily routine, age groups and there are innumerous factors that affect your hair. This is really surprising how these all things together affect your hair. Do you know a fun fact ? I tell you… your current mental, hormonal and emotional levels also contribute to your hair lives. So if you want to increase your hair life, there are a lot of things you must consider & take care of many things, such as drink plenty of water, have a good balanced diet, sleep properly, have good eating habits remain stress-free as much as possible and most importantly take care your hair on daily basis as, it is not a one day or a miracle that will happen overnight.

Hi9 offer a lot of products to help you take care of your hair. All our products are made of natural herbs and are High quality products, which will give you instant results. After the application you’ll find the immediate effect on your hair. We have Hair conditioners, hair masks, serums, hair oils, shampoo etc which are online available for you. We know the several hair problems people face such as, breakage, dandruff, damaged hair, dry hair, dull hair, frizz, split-ends etc. for all hair type weather straight or curly or wavy. Hence our products are made keeping all these in mind.

All our hair products available online such as shampoo and oils are made of natural extracts, hence they are completely harmless and give you no side-effects. Like we have Almond -oil, apricot oil, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, etc. and they will add lives in your hair. After use you will find a drastic change in your hair quality and look.

We have hair fall control shampoo available online with keratin, ceramides, vitamins and natural peptides that work on each layer on the head to help you in hair – repair and restoration. It is enriched with vitamin E & D-Panthenol, fortified with special anti hair fall actives-anagain & saw palmetto extract to protect your hair from further fall.

Our pro-keratin shampoo is infused with keratin, ceramides and vitamins , that works on single layer of hair. It focuses on the damage control. It is specially made for frizzy hair. It acts as a shampoo and a conditioner at the same time. Hence gives you silky smooth and frizz-free hair.


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