Basics Combo (Deep Pore Cleanser, Illuminating Skin Toner, Hydra Gel Moisturizer) (Get Onion and Ginger Hair Oil)

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A mild yet powerful formula to cleanse the skin pores and dead cells which often darkens the skin complexion and blocks the absorption of nutrients. 

Look fresh & radiant with the goodness of this specially formulated soothing Skin Toner enriched with herbal extracts and special moisturizing actives like sodium hyalunate that rejuvenates your skin and offers a refreshing treat. Witch Hazel & Chamomile protection and aloe conditioning wipes off the impurities & closes the pores for a beautiful toned skin.

A unique oil free formula with hydra boost technology that locks skin moisture, adds moisture and replenishes it for optimum hydration. It makes the skin soft. Supple and silky smooth.

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